Fanatic for football on friday


photo credit: Lizzy Jurden

Say Go Raiders! \\ Fanatic competitors pose with Principal Mike Williams for a selfie. Students participating in the most spirited competition were called down during second period for judging.

writer: Katy Jones, Contributor

Wylie is full of football fans–especially here at school. It is for this reason that there is the Fan Fanatic competition, to find the biggest and best fanatic and most enthusiastic Raider Nation fan.

There was participation from all over; all types of people, all circles and groups. Sapphires and yearbook kids, football players and band nerds, everyone was getting in on the fun and the hype.

“I tried last year, and didn’t win. So I tried again and I was like ‘I gotta win this time,’” sophomore winner Jessica Fahsholtz said.

The winner will receive a fan-tastic off-campus lunch at Chiloso, with Mr. Williams. The judges originally planned to pick one from each class, however there were no freshman participants.

“I’m really disappointed in the freshman class,” Mr. Williams said. “Freshmen are missing out on a great lunch with us next week.”

There was very scattered participation among the different grade levels, with only one junior and no freshmen entering. However, seniors and sophomores were represented well with several participants each.

Seniors like Elizabeth Teitelman and Garrison Whadford, and sophomores like Jessica Fahsholtz and Sasha Elizondo are very excited to participate, and to attend the playoff game.

“It’s really cool to get to show off our creativity and excitement,” said Sasha Elizondo, sophomore and overall winner.