Interact presents mums to fellow students

Interact presents mums to fellow students

Making magical mums // Interact Members Brandy Jones, Vanessa Gonzalez and Karen Gallegos collaborate to celebrate homecoming by personalizing mums for their peers. The club presented the mums Friday, Oct. 11 in second period.

writer: Brooke Vincent, Editor in Chief

Everyone deserves to have a mum for homecoming. For the past two years the Interact club has made mums for the kids in Life Skills for homecoming to help them celebrate this special event.

“All the Interact kids start from scratch, tying bells to ribbons and topping it off with sparkles,” sophomore Camila Garcia said.

Garcia participated in the Life Skills class as an assistant last year which helped her develop a special bond with the students.

“We personalized the mums by making the senior students’ mums white and since I knew most of their hobbies and interests I put things on their mums that I knew they would like,” Garcia said.

The Interact Club presented the mums to the Life Skills students in second period Friday, Oct. 11.