Spring Talent Show

Savanna Salazar, Staff Writer

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The Talent Show rocked Wylie East as various students performed amazing tricks like fast art, black light drumming, dancing, singing and and more.

Each person took a deep breath before stepping out on stage in front of adults and their peers to show off their talent, which ranged from singing to magic, to guitar solos to speed-painting.

Twenty-two acts performed at the second annual talent show, where three acts placed, and one performance won fan favorite.

“The students are all so talented and did such a great job,” world geography and psychology teacher Jessica Taylor said.

Ms. Taylor and the class officers arranged the talent show to help the junior class raise money for their first prom. The money was raised by buying tickets, voting fan favorite, and buying raffle tickets; also an art piece of John Lennon done by Austin Ryan had been auctioned off for $100.

“We raised $2,200 for the junior prom,” Ms. Taylor said.

At the end of the talent show, students were placed and the fan favorite was announced. The Wylie East drumline placed first doing what they do best; Jasmine Coleman placed second for her singing; and Than Vo, who sang, and her group, which played as a band, placed third; ROTC took the fan favorite category.

“There were over 600 people there, it was a big success for us,” Ms. Taylor said.

After much mayhem with the stormy weather and power outtages, the talent show had to be postponed. 

“Thank the weather for cooperating with us,” Ms. Taylor said.

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