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Football is not only activity to be celebrated

Kristin Gooch, Video Editor

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Here in “The South” football is the unofficial center of high school. Ages five to 75 get excited about high school games. Football is prideful, and with pride comes spirit. Our spirit days are centered on football.

Sports are very much glamourized in all of America. Professional athletes are paid millions to play the games they love, the games are televised, and the players are even celebrities. The sense of fame starts early, as in junior high and high school.

It is no secret that athletes are at the top of the school’s food chain. At the beginning of the year, there are spirit days every Friday, a homecoming dress up week ending with a dance, and the pep-rallies are centered on one thing. Football. Then what happens when football ends? No pep-rallies, spirit wear days, and barely any recognition for events happening within the other clubs and extracurricular activities. Well, that’s because football is the center of spirit, and everyone is supposed to love and pride football. The thing is, not everyone loves and wants to play football. There are many other activities that have plenty of spirit, and deserve a free dress day. What about the artistic students? Or the ones that have other competitions that aren’t athletic. We never hear about them. It’s all football.

The school, as a whole, should put more recognition and pride into the activities we love. If we want spirit days, well, we have to let our spirit show. You can’t blame it on the principal, because that’s just the way things are, and have been for a very long time. It’s our culture here in Texas, football is universal within families. Grandparents get bragging rights about their grandson the quarterback. What about their grandson that won a prize for an emotional paper in the creative writing club, and just gets a pat on the back? He also has skill, and should get recognition, and feel proud.

Spirit days should be about just being united, and being proud to be a part of the high school. Every Friday should get free dress, just for having a good week, not a good football game. There is so much talent that isn’t recognized and should be. The students should really bring this to attention, and work to get the principal and student body to see pride in places other than football.




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Kristin Gooch, Video Editor

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Football is not only activity to be celebrated