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Avery Platt
Hello :) I’m Avery Platt. I’m a senior. I don’t enjoy talking about myself or talking in general, but I will try my best. 

I am not a social butterfly or an athlete. I am also not super duper smart or extremely outgoing. I don’t like pickles or Chinese food. I hate animals no matter how cute they are. I can’t speak any foreign languages and I don't have the ability to sing the alphabet backwards. 

I do however have the ability to read music and touch my tongue to my nose. I enjoy reading, writing and taking photographs. I am the last person to hear about a new trend. I LOVE Mexican food and listening to music while driving. I can read a novel in two days or less depending on the subject. 

I plan on going to Collin College after high school and then transfer to a university. I am not 100% on what university I want to go to or what career I want to pursue. 



Avery Platt, Staff Reporter

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Avery Platt