Crosstown showdown

Crosstown rivals compete for the first time in years


photo credit: Brie Garrett

Before the football players run out of the tunnel, junior Ellie Eason dances in a victory line. “getting to be apart of when the players run out on the field is one of my favorite parts,” Eason said. Raiders defeated Wylie High 26-19.

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

The Crosstown Showdown football game has been a highly anticipated event since the school announced it years ago. It is a rivalry football game between Wylie East and Wylie High.

Some key students who attended the game gave their point of view including Kason Atkins, a football player, Ellie Eason, a Sapphire, Gloria Olajimi, a band member, and Ella Waters, a student section leader.

Having some friendly competition makes the game even more fun.

“Of course I think that the Sapphires dominated the field at half time, however the Pacesetters gave us a run for our money,” Eason said.

Having a stadium that is packed with fans can make the experience set apart from other sporting events.

“The Crosstown Showdown game was different from any other game because of the surrounding atmosphere. There were a lot of people at the game which was exciting,” Atkins said.

The rivalry football game leads to big changes for the band and other organizations with where they sit.

“Although we received a few hits from stray footballs, I enjoyed watching the game from the end zone because all of the action was only a few feet away from us, giving the band an amazing view of the game,” Olajimi said.

Getting the opportunity to watch the game in the student section can result in more energy and school spirit.

“I think because the crosstown rivalry had not happened in a long time, there was a lot of built- up excitement which led to everyone being excited. Also because the game was so close we were on our feet to see who would win!” Waters said.

predicted outcomes can come true when planning to play against big schools.

“We expected the game against Wylie to be a tough game because of the rivalry and that is what it ended up being,” Atkins said.

The cities excitement for the game made the crowd bigger and louder.

“I remember getting ready to go on the field during halftime and feeling super nervous because of how many people were there and watching us and hoping they thought we did a good job,” Eason said.