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Smiling Soloist \\ Running through the show at the JV stadium, sophomore Alex Tran happily carries her instrument, the soprano clarinet, on which she plays her solo in the opener of the show.

Slaying Soprano

She’s a soprano clarinet soloist in the Pride of the East marching band show, Re-imagine. She’s a professional sleeper. She loves Starbucks iced matcha lattes. Long story short, she’s Alex Tran.


What made you want to play the clarinet?

I wanted to play clarinet because my friend wanted to play clarinet also in 6th grade.


Describe your favorite memory in band so far. 

My favorite memory in band is messing around in the stands at football games.


What are the pros and cons of being a soloist?

Pros of being a soloist are getting out of my comfort zone, feeling like I get to contribute to the group, and I get to play with two other really cool people. A con is the pressure of the band depending on you and your time. 


What are you most looking forward to this competition season?

I’m really looking forward to spending this competition season with the people I love to be around, especially the ones graduating. 


Do you prefer playing solo or in an ensemble?

I prefer playing solo because I feel that I can be more free and not under the pressure of others.


What activities are you a part of outside of band?

I’m in no activities other than band(!)


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I only see myself in college in ten years to be honest.


In a dash—

Ice cream flavor that reflects your personality: Cookie Monster

Sweet or savory: Savory

Least favorite color: I like every color(!)

Animal side-kick: Pete the Cat

Instrument other than clarinet: If I didn’t play the clarinet, I’d probably play french horn or percussion. 

A genie grants you a single wish. What would you wish for:  I would wish that I could be a prodigy at everything I do.

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