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Making music \\ Improvising, sophomore Jeremy Kvale performs a solo on the Bass Trombone for the Jazz piece: Chili Today, Hot Tamale Nov. 5. “My favorite part about Jazz Band is everything, but especially playing low notes really loud and playing basslines,” Kvale said.

Inner voice

He likes the Oreo McFlurry from McDonald’s, but enjoys playing the Bass Trombone more. He made the All-Region Band in Fall 2020. Long story short, he’s Jeremy Kvale

How did you feel going into All-region?

I felt uncertain going into region this year because I had no idea how good everyone else was or how well I would do in comparison to everyone else.


Why did you choose band as your extracurricular?

I chose to play in band because I really enjoyed anything related to music: listening, playing, writing.


Do you prefer marching band or concert band?

I prefer concert band because it’s less physically demanding and I get to play higher level music.  


What is your favorite part about band?

Just playing Bass trombone and sounding good while doing it


What is your favorite part of Jazz Band?

My favorite part about Jazz is everything, but especially playing low notes really loud and playing basslines. 


What is a long term goal for your career in music?

My long term goal for band is to eventually become a professional jazz musician or writer.

In a dash–

Rollercoaster or  Ferris Wheel: Rollercoaster

Favorite pizza topping: Mushrooms

Favorite movie genre: Comedy

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