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Boys camping with girls? I don’t think so.

Boys camping with girls? I don’t think so.

Boys Scouts' doors opening to girls is just plain wrong

September 29, 2017

Little girls sleeping alongside little boys is something most people agree shouldn’t be happening, but it’s about to. Camping is only one problem that’ll arise since the Boy Scouts of America announced that it will allow girls to join their ranks, and even give them the opportunity to become Eagle Scouts.

This is something that is very wrong due to one simple thing: Boys are supposed to be in the Boy Scouts and girls should be in the Girl Scouts.

Boys and girls camping together is a very bad mix because boys and girls should be separated during these activities. Where will the boys and girls shower, dress, use the bathroom?

Keep girls in Girls Scouts and boys in Boys Scouts.”

— Aiden Klutts, freshman

During the time that most boys are in Boy Scouts, their hormone levels are increasing, and putting boys and girls together during this pubescent time is not a good idea. It’s very possible that boys could be boys, and attempt to do something such as peeping in a girl’s tent or cabin, which of course should not happen. It also isn’t fair that girls can be in the Boy Scouts but boys can’t be in the Girl scouts. How is it fair that a girl can be an Eagle Scout but boys can’t be a Senior Scout?

The only right answer to this situation is to keep the tradition, and keep girls in Girls Scouts and boys in Boys Scouts. Traditions are being broken a lot nowadays which is okay in some cases; however, traditions need to be preserved for the greater good.

Even though the Boy Scouts are now accepting girls into their ranks, most Girl Scouts are actually saying they don’t want to join the Boy Scouts, which is great. However, there are some girls who want to potentially put themselves in harm’s way just to say that they are breaking barriers, and paving the way for future females.


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