Dance the night away // Jamming out in the middle of a dance circle, sophomore T.K Gaykin and Junior Jordan Murphy attended the homecoming dance last year. Photo by Abby Cox

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Why you should go to Homecoming

Every October, each student must make an important decision: to go to the homecoming dance or not. Some people argue that it is too expensive, but I say you only have four opportunities, so you might as well splurge a little to make memories that last a lifetime.

Reason 1: Raise funds for your school

The first reason you should attend the dance is that the dance is a fundraiser for the Sapphires. As one of the team’s biggest sources of income, they work all day to make sure the decorations and atmosphere for the dance are perfect.  They take time out of their lunch to sell tickets in hopes of making enough money to afford good costumes for contest. Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if they put in all that hard work to make a measly amount of money that might buy one costume?

Reason 2: Dress up to the nines

The homecoming dance is the perfect opportunity to put on your best dress or suit, dress up your hair in your fanciest updo, and put on your boogie shoes. Plus, it makes for great pictures to look back on.

Reason 3: It’s fun!

Homecoming is a night out with friends, but just something a little more special. For many students, the dance is a night they can just let loose and just be teenagers for a while. After dancing the night away, you and your friends can go out to dinner and have an amazing time.

You should attend the homecoming dance so you can support the Sapphires, have a chance to get dressed up, and have a good time. Thirty years in the future, you’ll remember that night, and you want to be the one saying ‘That night was amazing’, not ‘I wish I would have been there’.

The dance takes place Oct. 21 in the Cafeteria. Time to be announced.

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