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New guy \\ Working on his computer, Tooke is responding to a student’s email about the assignment in class that day. Tooke teaches English I.

The teacher with the coolest hair: Mr. Tooke 

What subject do you teach? 

 I teach ninth grade, on-level, English I.


What did you do before you came to East?

Most recently I was interning at the Wylie Recreation Center, this summer, as I was finishing my graduate school program through Texas A&M – Commerce.


What are your favorite hobbies?

Rock climbing, running, reading and video games.


What is it like working with your wife? 

It’s nice that I can always go right around the corner when I want to see her, and she let’s me keep my lunch in her fridge.


Did you have a choice for being a freshman teacher?

Nope! I’m just happy to have a job here, and ninth grade was what was available. I think it’s a really good fit, though.


Where is your favorite place to eat?

My desk. Actually though, I feel like you can’t go wrong with Chili’s. The selection is just unmatched.


What inspired you to teach? 

 I had some really great coaches and teachers in my life who encouraged and educated me in the classroom, on the track, and in my personal life; they motivated me to do the same for my own students.


What brought you to wylie?

 I’m originally from Sachse but my wife is from Wylie and our family lives here. Wylie is a special place, unlike any other that I’ve lived or worked in, and so we both wanted to live and work here.


 What’s your favorite sport?

My favorite sport is rock climbing.


What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I met Mrs. Tooke when I was subbing at Wylie High on Valentine’s Day of 2019. We were married five months later, in July. Now we both work here. Sometimes life just works out.

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