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Rose Chambers: Class of 2017

Rose Chambers graduated in 2017 and is currently a full-time wife and mom.

What five words would you use to describe yourself in high school?

Dorky, friendly, creative, free-spirited, attentive.

What activities did you participate in at WEHS?

I was in the choir, some musicals, art and basketball.

Favorite high school memory?

My favorite memory is the choir banquets that we had. That or graduation. 

What did you do after high school? 

After high school, I got married to an Army man and became a mom to a little girl.

A lesson you learned after high school you wish you learned in high school?

I learned that not everyone is worth fighting for and sometimes it’s better to let a friendship go. 

If you could do something over again? What would it be and why?

I’d have gone to trade school and waited to have a baby.

What are you doing now?

I am a stay at home mom and wife. 

What reaction would your high school self have if you could tell her what you are up to now? 

She would be in disbelief lol. I used to never want to get married but I wouldn’t change it.

What’s next for you?

I’m not sure what’s next for me and my family but it will be an adventure.

Favorite show to binge?

My favorite show to binge is Friends. I’ve watched it so many times I’ve lost count lol. 




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