New Security


photo credit: Kaleb Riley

Standing tall // Looking tough, the school’s security team poses for a picture on Oct.5. “Having new rules this year has made it where the team has better communication than any year before,” Ernest Nelson said.

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

The newest security measures have taken over the school in hopes of making it a more safe environment. Locking all the doors, having to wear id badges, and a new security team are just a few of the latest policies. Evan Autrey, a junior, Brylee Blair, a freshman, and Makenna Gore, a junior, give their thoughts about the new security.


Do you feel the new school rules have significantly impacted the school? 

Evan: Yes, I think it has impacted the school by the doors always being locked and a stricter dress code.

Brylee: I believe the new security measures have impacted the school. They have made the school feel much safer and more secure.

Makenna: While this school year feels almost the same as last year, there are some new changes, like the locked doors, but some of the same, like having to show your ID to go off campus for lunch. 


How do you feel about the required ID badges we students have to wear?

 Evan: At the beginning of the school year, I did not like them because it just bothered me having something around my neck all day, but now I hardly realize it’s there.

Brylee: The required ID badges are not the worst. Wearing them always is not too bad when you think about how it will be good in certain situations. For example, if there were ever to be a person in the building considered a possible threat, it would be easier to find them.

Makenna: I wish I didn’t have to wear them all day long, but when I realize that it is for the greater good, it’s not that bad.


What new security measure is your least favorite (doors always being locked, ID badges, dress code, etc.)? 

Evan: I would say the doors are locked because it can be pretty inconvenient when I have to knock every time I go to the bathroom and come back. 

Brylee: My least favorite security measure is the doors being locked at all times. Although we understand why keeping all the students safe is essential, it is still annoying that we can’t just walk into class without someone having to open the door.

Makenna: For me, it is the school dress code. I wish I could wear leggings a couple of times a week without getting dress-coded, but I am happy our school is more lenient about it than some other schools.


Do you like the school dress code? Why or why not? 

Evan: Personally, it’s not that bad because I can wear shorts and a hoodie, which isn’t far off from what I wear at home or outside of school.

Brylee: The dress code is okay. I am thankful that we can wear jeans every day of the week, and there is the option for PTSA to get to wear spirit wear all week. Even though I would like to be able to wear things like leggings, sweatpants, ripped jeans, and any t-shirt I would like as long as it’s school appropriate.

Makenna: As I said earlier, the school dress code can be annoying sometimes, but it has improved in recent years.


How are these new rules different from previous years?

Evan: It has been different from my past years here because most things have gotten very strict and not as relaxed because of our nation’s threats to schools.

Brylee: These rules are pretty different from my previous school, Burnett Junior High, but not so different that they impacted my learning. The IDs and doors having to be locked the only differences, and they aren’t too bad.

Makenna: It has been much different. For example, I haven’t had to wear an Id badge around my neck since the fifth grade, so that took some adjustments.