Eunice Olajimi: Class of 2017

Former raider Eunice Olajimi graduated from the University of Texas in Austin in May, with a major in Health and Society and earning a pre-medical certificate. While in university, Eunice joined a Youth Advisory Council for the Lone Star Clinic in Austin. She also led as volunteer coordinator and eventually as president of the Black Health and Professions Organization. She plans to go to medical school after a gap year.


What five words describe you in high school? 

Social, confident, easy going, studious, involved


What activities were you involved in in high school?

NHS, College club, Leo club, FCA, Track and Field


What were your main takeaways from high school?

Have an open mindset when it comes to everyone and everything. People and things you thought would never work may surprise you. 


Did you get in trouble in high school?

I never really got in “trouble” per say. But there was a teacher who I did not see eye to eye with, and she seemed to find great satisfaction in giving me take home detention assignments. But other than that I’d say I was pretty well liked by all my teachers and stayed out of trouble.


Do you have any friends or teachers that you stay in touch with from high school?

I interact with some of my old teachers from time to time. Like Ms. Taylor who I had for geography my freshman year, and Mrs. Bray who no longer teaches at Wylie East. I’m still super close with one of my high school best friends, Kenza Lepry.


How well did high school prepare you for your college experience?

Academically, I think high school prepared me pretty well. Socially, not so much. When I attended Wylie East it wasn’t anywhere near as diverse as it is now, so there were a few culture shock moments I experienced.


What are you most excited about joining the workforce?

 Well, I’m trying to become a physician, so I won’t be in the actual work force with a big girl job for a while. But I’m most excited for independence and to be making a true difference in people’s lives. I think it will be really fulfilling. 


What five words describe yourself after university?

Independent, resilient, confident, fun, grounded


How have your plans for the future changed since high school?

Coming out of high school I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do. I knew I liked sociology, psychology, and health, but I did not know how to combine the three. College helped me create a path specific to me that combines everything I’m interested in. 


What did you learn in college that you wish you learned in high school?

I wish high school me would have known that it’s my job to be myself, and it’s other people’s job to take it or leave it. It’s not worth it to downplay your interests, wear certain things, and make yourself smaller so as to be more palatable to others. College really taught me that the best person I can be is me.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

In 10 years I’ll be 33, so I guess I see myself as an OBGYN (a doctor who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology), married with a kid or two. Maybe even a dog. 


Just for the fun of it questions:

Early bird or night owl? Definitely an early bird. I get sleepy after 9:30 these days.

Hype song? Loved by you by Justin Bieber and Burna Boy

Favorite superhero? It’s an unbreakable tie between Thor and Iron Man. The Hulk as played by Mark Ruffalo is a close second though.

Dream travel destination? Definitely Greece. 

Favorite midnight snack? Rice cake and almond butter. 

Would you rather be the funniest or smartest person in the world? I’d definitely choose to be the funniest person because then I’d be able to make people happy and comfortable around me. Being the smartest can sometimes intimidate people or make them feel insecure.


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