Teachers lose their hair  

photo credit: Casi Thedford
Initial shock \\ Sophomore Suzie Martinez shaves Mr. Zach Neu’s beard Feb. 21 for the “Haircuts for Holcomb” fundraiser. “It was terrifying to try and not cut my teacher’s face. I couldn’t believe I was shaving his beard off,” Martinez said.

Student Council hosted “Haircuts for Holcomb,” a fundraiser in honor of video production teacher Mrs. Jennifer Holcomb, who passed away from Colon Cancer this past December.

After raising funds for a week, the event culminated during the pep rally Feb. 21.

I was excited to raise money for a good cause and to be a part of this special event.”

— Kris Cravens, assistant principal

The goal was to raise $2,500 to donate to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. For every $500, different teachers promised to shave their beards, hair or even legs; however, they didn’t meet their goal with just the student donations, but thanks to an anonymous donor, the $2,500 goal was met. 

“The CCA provides stipends for those receiving treatment or screenings and also sends a portion of the donation to ongoing research,” Student Council sponsor Mrs. Breegan Gholson said. “We were able to make the donation in memory of Jennifer.”

Biology teacher Mr. David Shipp shaved his legs. Chemistry teachers Mr. Vito Peri and Mr. Zachary Nue and biology teacher Mr. Jack Garner shaved their beards. Assistant principal Mr. Kristopher Cravens had his shoulder-length hair shaved by student council members. 

Freshman Jocelin Martinez had Mr. Cravens as a science teacher in eighth grade.

“I was shocked about how Mr. Cravens’ precious locks were going to disappear,” Martinez said.

Now as an assistant principal, Mr. Cravens was honored to be a part of the fundraising event. 

“I was excited to raise money for a good cause and to be a part of this special event,” Cravens said. 

STUCO will donate the money raised to colon cancer research.

“I loved how certain teachers were willing to shave their legs, beards or hair because it shows how much they care, and personally it made me feel that all teachers truly do support us students,” freshman Marlene Zamudio said.