Zachary Neu: Class of 2012

After graduating in 2012, Zachary Neu graduated from Texas Tech University where he got a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. As a student, he was in varsity soccer and football, as a teacher, he is teaching Chemistry. 


What five words describe you in high school and what five words describe you now?

Then I was ​athletic, smart, introvert, caring, funny and ​now I am ​helping, athletic, caring, funny, smart.


What was your favorite subject and why?

​Chemistry because of the labs.


What was your least favorite subject and why?

English because of all the writing and essays.


What extracurriculars were you in and which one did you enjoy most? 

​I was a varsity soccer player, and it was the only extracurricular I was in. 


What was your favorite highschool memory? 

​Beating Wylie High 63-7 in football.


What is a lesson you learned in college that you wish you knew in high school? 

​Knowing how to properly study in general.


Do you have any advice for current high school students?

Enjoy your high school experience to the fullest and make friends you will keep into adulthood. 


What are you doing now, and what did you expect to be doing?
I am currently a chemistry teacher here. I didn’t really know what I wanted to be at first, I just knew I loved science and helping people. 


What’s next for you? 

I plan to get my master’s in administration and one day be a Principal. 


Just for fun questions:

Favorite things to cook: Burgers

Favorite thing to do with Family/friends: ​Hangout and watch football

Game/app you play/use the most: ​I play numerous PC games like Rainbow Six: Siege and Doom. I also play Dungeons & Dragons with some friends. 

Favorite part about chemistry: ​Doing labs with students. 

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