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Casual Apple // Junior Savannah Taylor holds a photoshoot with her friends because she likes taking photos.

Virtual learner longs for face-to-face instruction

She is a remote learner this year. She has five dogs. She loves a good burger. Long story short, she’s Savannah Taylor.


Why did you choose online over campus learning?

I’m online, because I have some family in my family that are immunocompromised and otherwise paranoid parents. I was originally very sure of my decision to do online learning thinking it would be like the end of last year, but as the beginning of school arrived it came out that it would be much different. I now wish I could switch to in-person, but I’ve sadly come to find I cannot.


What is the hardest part about this year of school?

The stress of receiving all the information I need in my classes and not being able to see all of my beloved friends regularly.


What do you want to do when you grow up?

Though I know I want to do something heavily related to math, I have yet to settle on a field/degree. Common ideas are accounting, civil engineering and financial manager.


What college do you want to go to and why? 

The college I want to go to will depend on the career I decide to pursue.


What was your favorite show during quarantine? 

13 Reasons Why was one of the main shows I binged during quarantine, and I found that watching this show almost made me escape from my insignificant issues and focus on the unimaginable issues in the show.


What is something more people should know or do, but don’t?

How to genuinely see and feel the situation other people are in. If everyone had more empathy the world would be a better place for everyone.


In a dash–

How would you answer, “why do you want this job?” in the most generic, but best way possible?

I think this field and organization will bring me mental fulfillment while I can greatly benefit the overall success and progression here.

Something interesting about you: I have been on a personal weight loss journey since the beginning of quarantine, and I owe a thanks to the initial opportunity it offered to my great progress. I’m halfway to my goal at the time of writing this.

Happy place: Sitting around with my closest friends eating food, laughing and talking about everything in life.

Favorite topping: I like a very wide variety of toppings, so this is by far the hardest question for me to answer, but if I HAD to pick a single topping I GUESS I would choose various kinds of bite size desserts. For example: birthday cake in birthday cake ice cream, mini brownies or cheesecake bites.

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