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In the family \\ College Thursdays and spirit wear Fridays are full of color, thanks to junior Ashtyn Arp . She started “Arp-parrel,” a t-shirt design company with her mother, Principal Angela Arp. “I wanted to start making them just for fun and then it kind of just blew up,” Ashtyn said.

A cheerful tee-shirt designer

She loves cheese pizza, she’s a varsity cheerleader and loves pastel colors. Long story short, she’s junior Ashtyn Arp. 

What made you want to start making spirit wear and masks? 

I wanted to start making them just for fun since everyone liked tye dye and I just wanted to try it and then I just posted a few to see if it would sell and then it kind of just blew up.

How did you come up with the name Arp-parrel? 

I came up with the name with my parents it was at first A^2 since it started with me and my mom and since our names both start with A, but then it got too big and my dad started to help us and since we make apparel we decided to change it to Arp-parrel since it’s our last name.

What is your favorite thing out of your whole collection?

I couldn’t choose one to be honest, but I love the new bleach shirts!

How long has Arp-parrel been going?

Arp-parrel has been going on for almost a month and a half.

Is this something that you want to continue in the future?

I would love to continue doing it! It is so fun!

What is next for you?

Building more designs and different types of shirts and hopefully getting bigger!


In a dash–

iPhone or Android: iPhone

Sweet or salty foods: Both, but probably salty

Anti or social: social

Your favorite movie: I don’t have one 

Country or city: city

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