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Michael Turner
I am never good with biographies. My most common Google search is “best Twitter bios”...Anyways, my name is Earnest, but I go by my middle name of Michael. When I was little, my grandfather’s barber’s name was Earnest and he had hair in his ears. He scared me on this day as he told me the day I go by my first name is the day I’ll grow hair in my ears. Henceforth, no one has been allowed to call me Earnest and it stands still today. But it is pretty cool to have a book written by THE Oscar Wilde on how important it is to be me. I’m a pretty loud guy. I am highly enthusiastic about sports. Put me on a different continent, in a stadium for a sport that I’ve never heard of and I’d probably still go wild. I’m also crazy about movies, specifically historical movies such as Braveheart and Gladiator. Growing up, my favorite toys were dinosaurs and Ninja Turtles. That still stands today. I watch Jurassic World with a certain kind of awe I thought I’d only experience when I meet my children later on in life. I saw both of the new Ninja Turtle movies on premiere night, and the old movies are still held close to my heart. Michaelangelo is and always will be my favorite. I really enjoy writing, photography and getting close to people. Journalism has always been huge to me but this past year I’ve discovered a new passion for special education and I hope to go into that field after I walk the stage this May. This year, however, I am the Editor in Chief of the Newspaper and I cannot wait to see what we can achieve.

Michael Turner, former Editor in Chief

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Michael Turner