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Hey there! My name is Katie Borchetta. I am currently a senior and this is my second year being a part of this newspaper staff. I like to think that I am a very loud and annoying person, but only once you get to know me. In my free time I find myself writing, taking pictures or running errands only for the sole purpose of having a blaring concert in my car to any style of music. I love trying to spread positivity no matter what form and my goal is just to make people smile. I am always up for any type of adventure no matter what time of day, but if it's early in the morning, an iced coffee is a must. My after high school career I hope to be a journalist with lots of travelling in my job description. I am so excited for this upcoming newspaper year and I can not wait for y’all to read my work!

Katie Borchetta, Staff Reporter

Jan 21, 2021
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Katie Borchetta