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Lizzy Jurden
You probably think that Queen Elizabeth lives in England and drinks tea every afternoon, but in fact she lives in a small Texas town named after a lake and drinks Dr.Pepper. It’s me. My real name is actually Elizabeth but everyone calls me Lizzy. Everyone also calls me hyper and bold but I like to describe myself as someone who is blessed with both unlimited energy and the ability to make friends wherever I go. This boundless energy allows me to invest in many projects. I love makeup, pop tarts, scrolling through my photos and designing all sorts of things from phone wallpapers to billboards. In the fall, I plan on attending UNT and majoring in advertising. Designing is my passion and being Editor in Chief of my magazine class is where I get to express that. I love coming up with spread designs and creating publications for my school and surrounding community to enjoy.


Lizzy Jurden, Editor in Chief

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Lizzy Jurden