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Rhapsody Kilgore
Hello! My name is Rhapsody …yeah like bohemian or the music company but you can call me Rhappy for short. I just moved here in the summer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and this is my junior and senior year since I am graduating early. I am a lover of lattes, fireworks, elephants, concerts and rainy days. Not only is writing a passion of my own, but I am an enthusiast of singers who write their own music such as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran and producers who create with own scripts such as Steven Spielberg and James Franco. When I lost my mom in the fourth grade writing was something I picked up to cope with everything. I began with poems, to songs, to short stories then books. Now it is a huge part of my life so I want to turn it into a career. Growing up in a hockey family, naturally I’m aiming to become a sports journalist/reporter in the NHL. Right now I am interning with the Allen Americans ECHL team. Hopefully someday I can move to New York, live in a cute little loft with a hedgehog and have a successful column in the New York Times. But hey, I’m still only 17 so I’m just enjoying my last year as a kid for now.

Rhapsody Kilgore, Staff Reporter

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