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Liz Harkins
Hi, I’m Liz, your friendly neighborhood mad-woman. I am constantly stressed, like you have NO idea. If there were such a thing as a “stress off”, I would win hands down. Having to constantly juggle band, AP classes, deadlines and blah blah blah, can be more than a bit overwhelming. Besides that, I’d say I’m a pretty cool person. I love froot loops, dogs, coffee mugs, back to school shopping, and all things caramel. If you’ve met me, you already know this, but for those who haven’t, when I get into something, I get OBSESSED. Remember Michael Jackson? Obsessed. Justin Bieber? Obsessed. One Direction? Obsessed. And don’t even get me started on Spider-Man; I could go on and on about the web-slinging superhero. Anyway, I am an aspiring writer always looking for ways to get my work out there; even if it’s through cheesy fan-fiction. I have been playing clarinet for 5 years and I am the Clarinet Section Leader this year. My goal is to have the same skill level as Ahyeon Ko by senior year. I have two sisters and two dogs, both of which I unconditionally love. I love Jesus, Bob’s Burgers, old sitcoms from the 60s like I Love Lucy, and any song by the Jonas Brothers. Fun fact: I used to play volleyball for 8 years and then dropped it for band because.. dedication. Oh, and by the way, marching band is a sport. Liz out.

Liz Harkins, Staff Reporter

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