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Jamie Tourtillott
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Yup that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got myself into this position. Well my name’s Jamie Alexandra Beltran-Tourtillott. I’m not drop dead gorgeous, I’m not very street smart, I don’t have the best life, but I do have a killer smile. I can tell you corny jokes that will just crack you up. I can also show you how it is to laugh your loudest most annoying laugh and be completely fine with it. I’m a the eldest child of four. I am originally from Oxnard, California. I have an amazing and huge family that includes 20 plus cousins, amazing grandparents and fantastic aunts and uncles. I am mixed with Mexican and American Indian. I am very loving and trustable, but the whole reason you’re reading this is to know why I’m in newspaper, right? Well here we go. I’m in newspaper because I absolutely love being able to go and interview different people and why they do certain things. I love the people I get to work with and just be around during this class. I’m a very talented sports photographer and writer. My favorite sport to shoot is football but I also like shooting soccer. Newspaper isn’t the only journalism-based class I’m in. I am also a part of the yearbook staff. I love both because I get to share my talents with them and experience everyone else’s talents as well. I enjoy both so much so don’t ever ask me to choose between the two. After high school I plan to go straight into the military. I will enlist into the Navy in February 2017. After two years in the Navy, I plan to attend Rochester Institute of Technology or the University of California at Berkeley and major in mechanical engineering. After college, I plan to go back into the military and continue to serve for as long as possible.

Jamie Tourtillot, Staff Reporter

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