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Elizabeth Abrams / Webmaster & Social Media Editor
I sing off key, belch, laugh really loud, hate wearing pants, dance like a maniac and still leave my window open for Peter Pan. I enjoy blogging more than I enjoy spending time with most people. I love writing about situations that most people don't think about and twisting it to a different point of view. I also love to put myself in another person's life, figure out how their brain works and write about it. Making people think a little harder, and walk in others shoes is what I aim to do when I write.  I tend to be socially awkward and say things that only make sense to me.  I always say I have no friends, and that I'll be the cat lady, and that I'm beautiful (which I am). I aspire to be a journalist or a princess or a little bit like Carrie Bradshaw. I'm hoping for the latter two though. No I'm not Mr. Abrams’ daughter, and did I mention I'm sarcastic? I am a part of the class of 2014 and this is my second year as the Raider Reader Editor. I'm a little bit crazy, a lot of loud and full of passion.

Elizabeth Abrams, Raider Reader Editor, Tech Editor

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