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Andrea Coca
Hello, I’m Andrea Coca! (I’m not really a “hey” type of girl) Btw I don’t mind being called Drea or Coca I actually prefer those, but not “Andrea Coca-Cola” that’s not allowed haha. I’m a junior and I have this thing where in all my biographies I say “No, I am not Mexican” because everyone thinks I am haha. My dad is Spaniard and my ma is Peruvian, so I get where you could get confused there.

I’m from New York, born and partially raised there. I moved to Wylie in sixth grade and it was a huge change for me. I went from the cold and windy North to the hot and humid South, and it was a difficulty to adjust and not melt.

I would like to become a teacher or work with children with disabilities. This is my first year on the newspaper staff and I love it. I had journalism and photojournalism as my back up classes when I made my schedule my sophomore year and coming into junior year I was not very excited to see them on the schedule. Once I got into the classes I fell in love with writing. I never knew that I would enjoy writing so much in my life. I’m very grateful to get this experience.

Andrea Coca, Staff Reporter

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