Triumphant tunes

Jazz band reigns successful in famed competition


photo credit: Enoch Olajimi

Take notes // The varsity jazz band begins practicing their music in the beginning of the semester. Jazz band demonstrated their dedication in the TCU Jazz Festival. “It was a really cool experience,” sophomore Victor Cruz said.

Cadences and chords ring around the Texas Christian University concert hall; only the best are invited to perform and succeed in this prestigious competition.

Jazz band, directed by Adam Basset, competed at the TCU Jazz Festival in Fort Worth March 23. The annual festival featured famous jazz drummer, Duffy Jackson, and hosted a competition with more than 700 middle and high school students.

“It was a really cool experience,” sophomore Victor Cruz said.

The 19 student band competed against multiple other bands in the 5A class and placed second overall.The music featured soloists in the trombone, trumpet and saxophone section.

“I wasn’t expecting to do that well,’ senior Clayton Davis said.

Jazz band’s next competition is April 6 at Denton High School.