Future freshmen visit campus to explore career pathways

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Eighth graders from Burnett and McMillan junior highs visited the campus to explore and learn about career pathways Feb. 4 for I have a plan night.

After a brief session in the auditorium led by principal Mike Williams, the eighth graders and their families were off to tour the building. Choir sang as students exited the band hall on their way to the 400 hall. 

The Career and technology hallway was chock full of displays showcasing various pathways. Representatives from fine arts, including theatre and art promoted their classes. The Ready, Set, Teach representatives educated potential students on what their program had to offer.

Culinary arts sweetened the deal to entice students to join their program.

Robotics and engineering, health sciences and welding teachers and students were on hand to answer questions about their endorsements.

AP course information and other electives were in the cafeteria for the soon to be freshmen to peruse. East counselors will visit the junior high campuses later this week to help eighth graders plan their schedules to reflect their selected career pathways and endorsements.

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