Where band goes; teachers follow

Faculty joins performers for morning rehearsal

photo credit: Jaclene Melton
Watch and learn // Needing help, Principal Mike Williams glances over to Assistant Band Director Kelsie Dunham for timing. The band was performing the visual in part three of their show Conquered with faculty members Nov. 2.

writer: Zoe Villegas, Staff Reporter

Some steps here and some other steps here. Now just do all of this at 180 beats per minute. It takes band members and Sapphires at least a day to memorize that. One day of the season, teachers are invited to do the same, but in about 20 minutes. March-a-spot is an annual tradition where band and Sapphire students invite a teacher to perform their spot in the halftime show during morning rehearsal. This school year, over 25 teachers participated in March-a-Spot Nov. 2.