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Toyota reveals one of its concept vehicles, the i-Road, a compact electric car designed for congested cities.

Toyota reveals one of its concept vehicles, the i-Road, a compact electric car designed for congested cities.

Toyota reveals one of its concept vehicles, the i-Road, a compact electric car designed for congested cities.

Don’t make plans as crazy as the fair

The Texas State Fair is a staple of October to anyone living in the DFW area. It’s such a big deal that schools take a day off so that everyone has ample opportunity to visit. But fairgoers can get lost in the crowds that flood the fair grounds and may not be able to find out what is there and what isn’t. The maps don’t even tell you where everything is, but only give vague directions. Even I got lost trying to find everything.  So, I decided to make this guide.

Chills, Thrills and Soda Spills

If you are looking for a thrill, Midway has you covered. Midway is the portion of the fair that holds all of the games and rides. But watch where you step, because spilled popcorn and soda is everywhere. From basketball to gondolas to a tower that sends you 500 feet in the air, everything you would want at an amusement park can be found right behind the Cotton Bowl.

Insane Entrees

If you really want to try the infamous foods, then you shouldn’t have any problem. This year’s fair has a ton of fatty foods that will make a sumo wrestler feel bloated. From ice cream stuffed cheesecake, fried Snickers on a stick, pizza made out of fries, the list goes on and on. All  of the foods that probably should be illegal can be found at Nimitz circle. Every stand is sure to make you say “What?” and should probably be avoided if you are on any kind of diet. Note: I recommend the fried Reese’s, footlong corn dog and the turkey caesar wrap. We spent $50 on food tickets (and used them all). The pizza fries aren’t worth it and the turkey caesar wrap is the only clean food you’ll eat for a few hours, so enjoy it while you can.  

Test Drive

If you really enjoy cars, then the auto show has you covered. The auto show is an annual event where car companies show off their newest models before they hit the shelves (er, dealerships) and even show off some crazy concept cars. You can sit in a majority of the cars and get a feel for how they feel. I recommend the Toyota section, they have some crazy concept cars that attract a lot of attention. Plus, it allows you to escape the heat.  

Blast from the Past

If you enjoy a bit of history, then look no further than the Hall of State. The Hall has tons of stories from people in Texas that date back to the 1800s and has artifacts from wars and important events in Texas history. This year’s special is on World War I and Texas’s role in the war. The Hall is never really busy, so it’s a good escape from the crowds. That isn’t even the only place to get a good history lesson. At Gate five you can find the African American museum, and at Gate one you can find the Texas Vietnam Memorial and the Women’s museum building.

The fair is one of the fun things that you can do this fall, but it doesn’t last long. You have until Oct. 22 to experience all of the craziness that happens in Fair Park. Even though it may be a little pricey, the unique personalities and insane creations that you will come across are worth the money.

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