Selling spirit

Mr. James Hood's fourth period students run new spirit shop


photo credit Jazmine Garcia

Spirit shop scholars // Cutting out vinyls for t-shirts, students Quincy Jackson and Miguel Vargas work on Spirit Shop products and focus on small details. Students work while managers make future plans about the Spirit Shop with teacher Mr. Hood.

writer Jazmine Garcia, Digital Editor

Bath Bombs, lotion, phone chargers, headphones, face paint and jackets: all of these things and more can be found at the Spirit Shop.  

The Shop has been a work in progress since 2015 and with guidance from the practicum in business management teacher, Mr. James Hood, the Spirit Shop is finally having its grand opening ceremony Sept. 21. The store will be open every morning from 8 to 9 a.m., during power hour, and after school on Thursdays to get last minute spirit apparel for Friday night games.

“I put a lot of of time and effort into the shop. I’d stay till 9 p.m. to get shirt orders in,” senior Cali McCulloch said. “I feel so passionate about it. The teacher is great, the people are great, and it’s the most fun I’ve had all four years.”

Located in the far right of the library with double doors leading outside, the Spirit shop is open to the public and offers spirit wear for every school in the district. The shop is run by students and is currently in the research and development phase. They are learning about stock prices, items to sell, and learning about the purchasing inventory, customer service, selling techniques, accounting and what’s profitable. Students work together in and outside of class, not only as colleagues but as employees of the Spirit Shop.

I feel so passionate about it. The teacher is great, the people are great, and it’s the most fun I’ve had all four years.”

— Cali McCulloch, senior

“It’s interesting because they have different personalities in the class. It’s challenging but helpful because I’m going to have to work with other people in the actual world,” senior Ezra Martinez said.

The store will sell “everything,” according to Mr. Hood. School supplies, spirit wear, stickers and even the giant foam school hand symbol. Wind breakers are expected to be this year’s most popular item, past years it was shirts and buttons. Students as well as school clubs and organizations are able to customize shirts using the Epson Surecolor F2000 a t-shirt design printer. They can come up with a design and email it to shop runners.

“Basically it’s more doing than learning. We’re learning as we go on how to use each machine and items we sell,” Martinez said.

The Spirit Shop is partnered with the Business Professionals of America but is in the process of selecting their own leadership positions, along with managers McCulloch and Martinez. Once the shop is set up, Mr Hood’s job is to step back and let the students take over, allowing them to get practical hands on business experience.

“It gives you an opportunity to learn more about the business pathway. More hands on. It’s also more fun,” sophomore Ashley Anderson said.

With an embroidery machine, vinyl cutter, direct garment printer and other helpful tools, business students have all the resources to finally open the Spirit Shop. The possibilities are now endless. 

“I want to give them pride in the school and what they’re creating. Pride in their school because their district is offering this and pride in the kids working this [Spirit shop] and what they’re giving to the community,” Mr Hood said.