Blending colors

Lauren West, Staff Reporter

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Sophomore wins annual calendar art contest

Unknowingly competing against students all across the state, sophomore Nathan Schoeck was surprised to find out that his art teacher, Mrs. Angela Gilpin, had entered one of his pieces to the PBK Architectural Calendar Art Contest and that his work won.

Schoeck’s picture illustrated part of the hallway that leads to the auditorium and was chosen by the PBK design professionals to appear in the next year’s calendar.

“It was an oil pastel with a black paper outline,” Schoeck said, “It was colorful with some blending.”

Each year, Gilpin enters the three best pieces of art to the Annual PBK Architectural Calendar Art Contest.

“Last year Maddie Shaffer received a $50 gift card and Brittany Dulgher won with her art piece and received a $100 gift card,” Gilpin said.

Shoeck attended Gilpin’s Art I class last year and is currently in her Art II Drawing class.

“Nathan is a wonderful student,” Gilpin said, “He is kind, courteous, respectful and works diligently each day.”

Schoeck has been interested in art since elementary school.

“My favorite thing is all of the different, bright colors,” Schoeck said.