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Social hierarchy of high school is hard to understand

Liz Abrams

February 19, 2013

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The Populars, the Christians, the Jocks, the Cheerleaders, the Burn outs, the Nerds and the coolest people you will ever meet. High School is separated into different groups and kinds just to make the world go round. Could you...

Living through the Internet

Aarika Novelli

February 19, 2013

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When should a child join the cyber world? Nowadays, it’s as if children are being born with cellphones in their hands. Children used to have to rely on their own imagination to have fun, but now they can get on their Noo...

From one Raider to another

From one Raider to another

February 18, 2013

Insight into different classes

Aarika Novelli, Josh Radkowski, Sara Grosvenor

January 29, 2013

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Counselors will visit social studies classes to plan next year’s class schedules. Are you on the fence about taking a dual credit class? Are you thinking of moving up into the world of advanced placement classes? To help you...

Flight or Fight

Liz Abrams, Staff Writer

January 14, 2013

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In the true situation of a man charging a school with a gun, someone taking over a plane or suicide bomber: what would you truly do? Would you protect those around you by trying to stop whatever is happening, or would you run...

A day in the life…of a Wylie High School Pirate

Liz Abrams, Staff Writer

January 10, 2013

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High school football, as we all know, is a rather central idea in Texas. Take a normal football game, add a small town rivalry and ladies and gentleman that is a battle. Then expand the battle into every single aspect of daily...

No shirt, no shoes, no service

Nicholas Wood

September 25, 2012

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Strange and obscure dress code rules revealed No ridiculous hair fads! No visible boxers! No need for socks! Some dress code rules seem to be a little out there. Those rules are rather funny to see—as if it’s necessary to ...

Saying goodbye is hard to do

Shelby Perkinson, Contributor

May 30, 2012

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People try and never think about their friends graduating. You put the thought out of your head, but when the time gets closer, you are overwhelmed with feelings. You never realize how close those people are to you until they’re...

School is soap opera

Liz Abrams, Contributor

May 30, 2012

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Gossip, betrayal, relationships, love, parties, sex and scandal; I know what you’re thinking, and no it’s not some soap opera, this is high school. These “best years of our lives” are only the beginning. How they pan...

To bring or not to bring

Nikki Culver, Advertiser

May 1, 2012

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  Students bring too many items to college There are plenty of resources out there telling students what to take with them to college. What about those over packers who don’t know what to leave at home? Here’s a l...

Sing a song (quietly)

Nikki Culver, Advertising Editor

March 19, 2012

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Bad singers annoy me. I can’t sing and I know that. Therefore, I don’t sing loudly in public places. My audience consists of my steering wheel and my shower head. With shows like American Idol and The Voice, as well as...

Temple Run runs show

Alexis Stewart, Staffer

February 2, 2012

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Temple Run is the new latest and greatest smartphone game. It’s so much fun; everybody is playing it. The weird kid that always sits in the corner in the cafeteria during lunch, he’s playing it. The “popular” kids that...

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