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Weed-eater // Senior Jacob Pryor uses an electric hedge trimmer to shape Mrs. Jennifer Holcomb’s bushes. Mrs. Holcomb was recently diagnosed with cancer in her colon, back and liver. “I was so touched at their generosity and outreach to me,” Holcomb said.

The whole nine yards

January 11, 2019

Sick handles \ With a focused expression, junior Xavier Smith dribbles the ball across the court during the Community Basketball Tournament. The team placed first in the tournament and Smith was awarded as MVP Dec. 12. “In our next tournament, we need to focus on minimizing turnovers and communicating,” Smith said.

Dunking records

December 14, 2018

Girl power \\ Freshman Zoe Harbison is one of only two girls to ever play football at this school.

Tackling stereotypes

October 22, 2018

One to remember \\ Head Gold Coach Melinda Black makes a hole in one at the Duck Creek Tournament Sept. 28.

‘Tee’riffic hole in one

September 30, 2018

First come, first serve // Serving the ball to the opposing team, sophomore Morgan Haaland plays against Mesquite High School Sept. 5. Junior varsity defeated Mesquite 3-0.

Beat Mesquite

September 10, 2018

Coming full circle

Coming full circle

May 23, 2018

Athletic Director Mike Dormady takes over

On the field

May 18, 2018

Take center stage // Performing officer contemporary, lieutenants Hannah Mullins, Chahendra Dues, Sarah Armendariz and Captain Brittany Blythe finish their performance at the Duncanville competition Feb. 24. “My favorite part of this dance was how emotional it was. It was at the very end of our dance and the energy was so high and in that moment. Hannah and I would look at each other and feel so accomplished,” Armendariz said.

Sapphires take the floor

February 27, 2018

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